Richard Ruman, Areas of expertise: Elder Financial Abuse, Family and Partnership Disputes.

Will disputes. Partnership and LLC. Real Estate disputes....

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Richard Ruman's Areas of Expertise

Richard Ruman

In fact, that's one of the reasons I started my private practice: I didn't want to limit my legal career. If you're in the information-gathering stages of your search, I hope these pages provide some food for thought.

I'm also here to help if you want to pick up the phone you can call me at 310.273.7474 and ask me questions. I hope I can help by being your legal counsel, but in any capacity, I am here to help and that's what my website is all about.




Elder Financial Abuse is stealing from the elderly. Crooks steal from our aging population for the reason Depression-era robber Willy Sutton gave when asked why he robs banks, "...because that's where the money is." Schemes, cons, and scams target older populations for the simple reason that senior citizens tend to have more assets. Holdings accumulated over a lifetime and paid-off mortgages appeal to those looking for a fast-track to financial gain.

Going into business? Friends, family members, and even corporations can forge business relationships. But, do you know what you need to do to protect personal assets from business difficulties? Which type of legal association is appropriate for you? What are the issues and pitfalls that should be considered when creating a legal working relationship?

Probate is a legal process that was designed to defend the directives contained in a last will and testament. Need help navigating probate law? Read the Probate Administration pages on this topic to learn about avoiding problems and how to plan ahead.

What is a Power of Attorney and when does it come in to use? Learn about several kinds of Powers of Attorney and when they might apply to your life in my Powers of Attorney page.

When decisions that will affect your life for years are being made, you need someone by your side that you trust and has the experience and knowledge to protect you.

The saddest family disputes I've encountered in my practice are the ones centering around a last will and testament. These issues are as old  the law itself. Disputes range from people who believe they were short-changed by the will or by the will's executor to family members contesting a will against fraudsters and scam artists. Please read my page on Will Contests and Disputed Inheritances to learn more.

Ownership of real property, access rights and, as ridiculous as this may sound, trespasser rights are complex areas where even "being in the right" doesn't necessarily guarantee right results. Please read my Real Estate Dispute section for more details.

How can you help your family avoid problems? It may be a simple approach, but providing a clear roadmap to your wishes via a Will or Trust (or other documents) can save time and prevent family difficulty.

Landlords and Tenants seem to have an awful lot of disagreements. What are your rights as either a landlord or tenant? How can you best approach these disagreements? See my Landlord-Tenant Disputes page.



Okay, I'm borrowing a line from those TV commercials with the slicing and dicing gadget -- and there's more areas of law that I occasionally accept clients for because of the compelling nature of the case or because of the kind nature of the client. Not only do I have expertise in the areas listed, but I also have successfully handled Personal Injury, Divorce, and many other types of litigation and legal issues.


Let me know if I you are in need by picking up the phone (310.273.7474) and we can see if I am the right person to represent you. Either I am or I am not, and I will always be upfront with you. I offer straight answers and the best legal counsel with an eye toward practical solutions.


I look forward to speaking with you soon,



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