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When might a trust be the best approach?...

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Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts. Develop a plan now for the future. I can assist you.

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Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

How can you help your family avoid problems? It may be a simple approach, but providing a clear roadmap to your wishes via a will or other documents can save time and prevent family difficulty.

When might a trust be the best approach?

Estate Planning

Accumulating wealth requires the application of a progression of strategies that work in concert to produce a desired result. The goal of estate planning is to, through the use of a variety of tools and strategies, to avoid fees and delays while ensuring that the estate is distributed in the precise manner desired by the owner. I am familiar with the options that can produce the best results for your estate.


Almost everyone is familiar with a will and its purpose. This legal document prescribes the transfer of ownership after someone dies. It must be probated and it must follow certain statutory guidelines to be valid. The will is the document that is sent to probate court and may be subject to a variety of legal challenges.

It is important to never assume that "everyone knows what I want" when it comes to property distribution. Of course, if you have children, or even pets, leaving instructions makes it easier for everyone. In sports they say that the best defense is a good offense. In this case, a good defense may be a will. I'm familiar with wills and, almost more importantly, I've seen the problems that can be created when no will has been made.


There are many types of trusts and I don't think it'll help anyone for me to flex my legal knowledge by listing them all. The concept of the trust began in England when people we headed off to join the Crusades and needed someone to manage their affairs during their absence. In terms of estate planning, properly-crafted trusts can be the key to a streamlined distribution of assets.

  • Living Trusts start with you turning over your assets to yourself as the trustee. You continue to use and manage you
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