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For decisions that affect your life for years,...

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You need someone by your side who you trust and who has the experience and knowledge to protect you.

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When decisions that will affect your life for years are being made, you need someone by your side that you trust and has the experience and knowledge to protect you.

There's nothing pleasant or pretty about divorce.  At best the decision to divorce is emotionally wrenching.  At worst, both parties are angry with each other and at war over assets and the best of interests of the children.  Who can expect anyone, at a time like that, to be thinking straight. 


At a time when decisions that will affect your life for years to come are being made, it's better to have someone on your side who has experience and a depth of knowledge – someone who can look at the situation objectively while also informing you of your legal options and protections.


Sure, you can find divorce kits online for $24.99 or whatever, but do you want to put your future, your children's future, and the future of your finances in the hands of a fill-in-the-blank form?  I hope not.


Over the years the laws, as well as society's opinions, have changed regarding divorce.  No longer does someone have to proved to be the least able spouse.  In California, with its no-fault divorce laws, if one person wants to end the marriage, then it's all over but the division of assets. 

Basic Issues in a Divorce

When it comes time to divide assets, there are many things to consider including the length of the marriage, the age and earning capabilities of the spouses, and any history of domestic violence.  The issues that are usually covered in a divorce settlement include:

  • Custody, visitation, and support of the children 
  • Spousal support 
  • Use of homes and motor vehicles 
  • Bank accounts and Pension Plans 
  • Attorney fees


The Next Step – It Isn't Necessarily Divorce Court

Most people think they have an idea of how divorce proceedings work in court primarily bases on images in movies and television shows.  In point of fact, it's better to resolve the items of dispute using mediation or collaboration than it is to put these issues in the hands of a judge. I have experience in both types of divorce cases and will present you with your alternatives and be there to see that you receive fair treatment.


If you are considering a divorce or you have been served with a petition for divorce, please call me for a consultation.  No doubt you are upset, but don't let that cloud your judgment about how best to proceed.

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