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Partnership and LLC Formation & Disputes

Going into business? Friends, family members, and even corporations can forge business relationships. But, do you know what you need to do to protect personal assets from business difficulties? Which type of legal association is appropriate for you? What are the issues and pitfalls that should be considered when creating a legal working relationship? I can help you navigate the waters of these important decisions or aid you if the relationship needs to be equitably dismantled.

Partnership Formation

A Partnership is a "business entity" composed of individuals, corporations, and sometimes, family members. It's important that a partnership agreement spells what contributions and responsibilities of the partners as well a plan for profit distribution -- among other things. I've helped bring a lot of partnerships into the world and though a properly-written partnership agreement is no guarantee that your business will stay healthy, a solid beginning can help you avoid certain pitfalls and misunderstandings that I've seen over the years.

LLC Formation

The LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. In other words, an LLC is like a corporation In that the owners are not personally liable for business activities. However, an LLC Is a bit more flexible and less formal. There are advantages and disadvantages to an LLC. The paperwork requirements for an LLC are a great deal less than with a corporation and there's no board of directors. However, convenience may not be worth the price if you intend to seek Investors for your business. I'll be glad to walk you through the options and consequences of an LLC.

Partnership and LLC Disputes

Not all Partnerships and LLC that end do so acrimoniously. However, whether the end of a business is a mutual decision or a bitter contest, proceeding in a manner that conserves your investments -- both personal and in the business -- is important in the immediate and long term. I've been through this process many times and can help you bring your business to a practical and equitable conclusion.

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